Without winter, there can be no spring

It’s early spring here in the southeastern United States. Ever experienced that? Let me try to describe it. From 4 am to about 7 am, it’s winter. From 7 am to about 10 am, it’s spring. From 10 am to, say, 6 pm, it’s summer. And between 6 pm and 4 am the next day, we’re back to winter. 

As my dad used to say, “If you don’t like the weather around here, stick around for five minutes. It’ll change.”

My husband and I have the exact opposite tastes in weather preferences. He loves summertime – the hotter, the better. He detests fall and winter. I, on the other hand, love spring and fall, and I don’t even mind winter. My favorite holidays fall during winter, and I love to enjoy fires in the fireplaces. It’s a cozy season.  

The heat and humidity of summer are horrible, in my opinion. I don’t like to sweat, and I don’t like bugs. I only go outside during the summer months when it’s absolutely necessary.

Still, no matter which seasons we prefer, could we really enjoy one without experiencing all the others? I don’t think we could. 

I know that by the time spring finally settles in around here, I am filled with happiness and hope. Spring reminds us that no matter what went before, rebirth always comes. Of course where we live, spring lasts all of 15 minutes, but we really appreciate it while it’s here. We wake up to the sounds of birds singing. All shades of green paint the trees around us. Daffodils and forsythia add early color to the landscape. The air is warm enough to invite us outside to enjoy the porch, but not yet hot enough to melt us into the wicker. 

Then summer lumbers in with its heavy, wet air, suffocating heat and carnivorous mosquitoes. In the southeast, summer stretches on for what seems like years. It hangs on and drags out until we really believe it will never end, and just like that, a brisk breeze greets us on a late September morning. Summer and fall will dance back and forth over the line for weeks, and then fall settles in. In a few months, we’ll experience what passes for winter in this region. It won’t last long, but it lingers long enough to make us look forward to spring. 

‘Round and ‘round it goes. And I love it.

It’s the contrasts in life that make things interesting, isn’t it? They make things taste better. Look better. Feel better. I’ve been reminded of that a lot recently and in truth, it’s a reminder for which I’m thankful.

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