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About Course

This course includes excellent workshops about topics such as Point of View in writing, Plot, Outlining, Character Development, Setting, Voice, Style, Conflict, Theme, and more.  Workshops, news, and reference materials are added weekly.

Coming soon are workshops, exercises, and reference materials about Publishing Options, Agents, Publicity, and more key elements of writing that take you from being a good writer to being a great, skilled writer.

The beauty and the power of the written word are like no other. Let’s walk this journey together.

What Will You Learn?

  • I strongly suggest you work through the Outline, Point of View and Plot workshops first, as they are foundational building blocks that must be decided and worked out early on – before you ever put a word to the page.
  • These workshops are designed to help you find your voice, develop your style, and to make you very comfortable with some complicated concepts.
  • You’ll find that the lectures, narrated slides, exercises and reference materials will all help you get very comfortable with the process of writing, of clearly expressing your ideas, and of writing a book.
  • I want you to set aside a quiet space for these workshops to do your own writing. This journey deserves your best effort and your full attention. Whatever it takes to designate a space and time just for you and for your writing, do it!

Course Content

In this lesson, you will learn how to outline your book

  • Outline Lecture
  • Outline Lesson
  • Outline Exercise
  • Summary – Outline

Point of View
Who's Telling Your Story

Where is Your Story Headed

Why Do We Need It

What is the common thread that runs through your story?

Character Development
Let's make a person!

Create the setting in your story

Write from a place of authority

Discovery it. Develop it.

Building your platform
Calling all writers! How to scare an introvert.

Proofreading & Editing

Style in Writing
A Writer's Style

Literary Devices

The art of the Interview
The art of the interview: Thorough research includes reading, but it also includes gaining hands-on experiences, viewing documentaries, participating in events when necessary, and interviews.

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