Peachtree Corners, Georgia

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As Peachtree Corners approaches a celebration of a full decade of cityhood in 2022, its leaders approached Townsend about writing a book to capture the area’s history while people who had been around long enough to remember many of the stories were still alive to share them


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Townsend's book offers readers a lesson in letting hatred and racism lead one's life. It took me a while to get into the pacing of the story, but not long enough for me to step away from it. I found my interest grew deeper the more I read, and that's one powerful way to tell a story. All too often, true crime books move along fairly swiftly and then get all bogged down toward the end, often discussing the final court cases. This book strikes a perfect balance between all the elements that contribute to a memorable read with powerful, lasting messages.


What many may think of as 'just' an attempted murder over pornography, has a much more intricate and deeper past. The study of Joseph Paul Franklin and his upbringing, adulthood and twisted mentality is intriguing. I felt for the innocent victims spread throughout the US as Franklin went on his killing spree, as they were innocent to all but him. They were simply going along their daily business eating pizza, coming out of synagogue, jogging or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, the reasons for their murders unbeknownst to them. The way this book is written will transport you back in time, and maybe leave you looking over your shoulder.


I knew that Larry Flynt had been shot and paralyzed, but that's all I knew. I had never heard of Joseph Paul Franklin, despite the fact he murdered 20+ people and injured many more. The author puts the killings and shootings and bombings in context: Franklin's rotten childhood, Southern racial prejudice, poverty, the changing culture. It's an informative read that does a good job covering Franklin's life and execution. The one thing I wasn't crazy about is how the author repeats information from one chapter to the next. But overall, well worth a read.


A gripping read right from the beginning, I've only read the first few chapters, but I will say from the very beginning this book grabs you. I'm a major fan of crime dramas, and this is perfectly written by a fabulous read written by a very talented author. Job well done I would recommend this to anyone, this book could be huge and this author is fully on her way to the mainstream and big success.


Wow it starts with a bang transporting the reader to 1978. I felt like I was in the car with Joseph Paul Franklin. I would experience this feeling of being there throughout the book. Which would send a shiver down my spine at times. A great read.